Local Government Week - November 14-20.

School boards are elected to govern K-12 education in their school divisions and are essential members of local government. They ensure that the wishes of the community are reflected in the schools and make decisions that shape the education of Saskatchewan children.

This year, the SSBA is launching at the start of Local Government Week, an educational component for students. For the past couple of years, the partner organizations have been working with the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF) Learning Centre, and a committee of teachers, to develop local government resources that support curriculum outcomes related to democracy, community, and citizenship. The resource package is titled Who Governs Us – Who Governs the Land? The resources are targeted for Grade 4 and will be made available to all teachers in Saskatchewan to support learning about: the roles and responsibilities of local governments; citizenship and engagement in local democracy; and local governments as pertains to Treaty Rights, First Nations jurisdiction and recognizing the Métis Nation - Saskatchewan as a government. The resource is available on the website and will also be shared through the Ministry, STF Learning Centre and other organizations as a resource for educators. https://saskschoolboards.ca/advocacy/local-government-week/.

What are School Boards?
  • They are responsible for bringing local community voice to publicly funded education
  • Boards of Education are locally elected to govern Kindergarten to Grade 12 education
  • There are 27 geographical areas called school divisions in Saskatchewan - each division has a school board. 
  • There are 18 public, eight (8) Catholic, and one (1) Francophone school divisions in the province
  • An individual member of a board of education is referred to as a "trustee"
  • They employ more than 35,000 people in Saskatchewan
  • They set goals for student achievement, adopt budgets to reflect priorities, determine local priorities, hire directors of education, and advocate for local schools and communities.