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Vanier Collegiate Presents: Oliver
November 19, 20, 21 & 22, 2014
Showtime: 7:30pm
Adults – $20 (plus service fees)
Students/Seniors – $15 (plus service fees)

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Director's Newsletter

November 2014

This is the first Director’s Newsletter. The purpose of the Director’s Newsletter is to provide you with division news, goals, and collective work because we all have a share in meeting the needs of our children and encouraging their success.

The topic of this edition of the Director’s Newsletter is The Skinny on the Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP):

The Education Sector Strategic Plan is:

-in place of Continuous Improvement Accountability Framework (CIAF),
-an Education strategic plan with some unique language,
-monitored by visible Data Walls, and
-made up of three levels briefly defined below:

Level 1: Provincial

The ESSP is developed and monitored by a Provincial Leadership Team (PLT) which is made up of directors of education, directors of First Nations educational councils and Ministry of Education representatives.  The PLT has created several “hoshins” (one year plans) and “outcomes” (multi-year plans targeted to be completed by 2020). 

Level 2: Division

The division (inschool administrators, HTTA representation and division office consultants), also has developed one hoshin (one year plan) in Mathematics, and five outcomes. The outcomes we have are in the areas of Improved Graduation rates, Faith development, FNMI Achievement, Reading, Writing and Math, and Financial. 

Level 3: School/Classroom

For the past three years each school has developed and monitored an annual School Learning Improvement Plan (SLIP).  These SLIPs are focused on one or two goals that are also within a division priority area.  Schools choose to create goals in an area of importance to their own community.  All schools continue to develop and monitor their plans. 

Please talk to your administrator(s) if you would like to know your school’s goals.  You are also welcome to come to the Division Office to see the progress on HTCSD’s Data Wall.


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All Saints Catholic School Blessing Celebration


His Grace Archbishop Daniel Bohan blesses children at a special Eucharistic celebration commemorating the Blessing of the School on October 20th.