Moose Jaw School Divisions Move Closer to New School on South Hill

The Boards of Education at Prairie South School Division and Holy Trinity Catholic School Division voted Monday to move forward with the recommendation of the South Hill School Steering Committee to begin work on obtaining land at Westheath for a new Moose Jaw school. 

Prairie South Board Chair Robert Bachmann expressed excitement after a Special Meeting of the Board of Education dealt with South Hill Location as the only agenda item.  “Finding a location for a new school for children on South Hill is a significant milestone in the project.” Bachmann said.  “We are very appreciative of the community members on South Hill who came together last year to highlight what they believe is important for a new school location.”  Bachmann went on to note that the Westheath location had emerged from one of two community consultation meetings held at Riverview Collegiate in March and June of 2019.  “Without the knowledge of people from the South Hill community, we wouldn’t be where we are today,” Bachmann said.

Derek Hassen, Board Chair with Holy Trinity Catholic School Division, noted that the concurrent meetings of the two Boards was another example of the excellent relationship that has emerged between the public and Catholic school divisions in Moose Jaw.  “From shared transportation to working together to achieve the new school announcement to finding a location that works for everyone – it’s an exciting time to be a school trustee in Moose Jaw,” Hassan said.   “These things were part of the vision of both Boards, and it is great to see them turning into a reality for children and families.” 

Holy Trinity Director Sean Chase was appreciative of the work of both Boards.  “As a member of the Steering Committee, it is great to see the unified support for the Westheath location,” said Chase.

Prairie South  Director Tony Baldwin agreed.  “As we move forward with the land acquisition process, I anticipate more and more excitement connected to the new school,” said Baldwin.  “A school at Westheath is an amazing opportunity for Moose Jaw.”

For additional information, please contact Director of Education Tony Baldwin at (306)694-1200 (Prairie South) or Director of Education Sean Chase at (306)694-5333 (Holy Trinity).