Division Office Staff List

Executive Council

Ward Strueby, Director of Education 306-691-2400

Dave DePape, Superintendent of HR and Operations 306-691-2402

Sarah Phipps, Superintendent of Learning  306-691-2401

Mark Selinger, Supervisor of Learning and Technology Ext. 2040

Curt Van Parys, Chief Financial Officer  306-691-2407


Jackie d’Entremont, Executive Assistant to Ward Strueby and Sarah Phipps Ext. 2023

Shirley Dombowsky, Division Office Administrative Assistant Ext. 2030



Matt Heisler, Supervisor of Facilities  Ext. 2404

Matt Croteau, Facilities Manager  306-684-2461

Mike Delorme, Facility and Transportation Assistant  306-631-8876



Mike Douglas, Finance Manager Ext. 2047

Marie Fitzgerald, Division Office Accountant  Ext. 2022


Human Resources

Brad Moser, Coordinator of Human Resources and Learning Ext. 2053


Learning Department

Laura Adrian, Learning Facilitator Ext. 2041

Amy Davis, Learning Facilitator  Ext. 2020

Stacey Moser, Learning Facilitator Ext. 2049


Religious Education

Lisa Busta, Chaplain Ext. 2036


Student Supports

Suzie Berg, Coordinator of Student Services (Swift Current) 

Lois Saunders, Coordinator of Student Services (Moose Jaw) Ext. 2027

Vivian Gauvin, Coordinator of Student Services (Moose Jaw)  Ext. 2051

Jenna Singbeil, Speech-Language Pathologist (Swift Current) 

Lana Smith, Speech-Language Pathologist  Ext. 2031

Angie Beattie, Wellness Coach 

Bev Paysen, Wellness Coach 


Marla Weppler, Wellness Coach (Swift Current)  Ext. 2324



Ryan MacLachlan, IT Manager Ext. 2043

Trenton Dyck, Network Administrator  Ext 2026

Gerry Turcotte, Educational Technology Facilitator Ext. 2034



Salina Marceau, Transportation Manager Ext. 2052