Division Office Staff List

Name, Position Email Phone
Sean Chase, Director of Education sean.chase@htcsd.ca  306-691-2400
Dave DePape, Superintendent of HR and Operations dave.depape@htcsd.ca  306-691-2402
Ward Strueby, Superintendent of Learning ward.strueby@htcsd.ca  306-691-2401
Mark Selinger, Supervisor of ET, PM, Curr. and Assmt. mark.selinger@htcsd.ca  Extension 2040
Curt Van Parys, CFO curt.vanparys@htcsd.ca  306-691-2407
Jackie d'Entremont, Executive Assistant jackie.dentremont@htcsd.ca  Extension 2023
Cathy Schick, Executive Assistant cathy.schick@htcsd.ca  Extension 2021
Shirley Dombowsky, Administrative Assistant Extension 2030 
Jodie Bzdel, Religion Coordinator and Learning Consultant jodie.bzdel@htcsd.ca  Extension 2036
Stacey Moser, Learning Consultant stacey.moser@htcsd.ca  Extension 2049
Daphne Yates, Learning Consultant Extension 2034
Student Support Services
Suzie Berg, Coordinator of Learning (Swift Current) suzie.berg@htcsd.ca  306-778-3080
Lois Saunders, Coordinator of Learning (Moose Jaw) lois.saunders@htcsd.ca  Extension 2027
Debbie MacDonald, Psychologist debbie.macdonald@htcsd.ca  Extension 2405
Nina Gueguen-Nielsen, Psychologist nina.gueguen@htcsd.ca Extension 2051
Jaimie Atkins, Speech-Language Pathologist jaimie.atkins@htcsd.ca  Extension 2037
Lana Smith, Speech-Language Pathologist lana.smith@htcsd.ca  Extension 2031
Beverly Paysen, School Counsellor bev.paysen@htcsd.ca  306-694-1767
Marla Weppler, School Counsellor marla.weppler@htcsd.ca  Extension 2324
Business and Finance
Michael Douglas, Finance Manager mike.douglas@htcsd.ca  Extension 2047
Marie Fitzgerald, Division Office Accountant marie.fitzgerald@htcsd.ca  Extension 2022
Ryan MacLachlan, IT Manager ryan.maclachlan@htcsd.ca  Extension 2043
Trenton Dyck, Network Administrator trenton.dyck@htcsd.ca  Extension 2026
Clayton Boyer, Technology Coach clayton.boyer@htcsd.ca  Extension 2044
Carter Davis, Technology Coach carter.davis@htcsd.ca  Extension 2041
Gerry Turcotte, Teacher on Special Assignment  and Transportation Manager gerry.turcotte@htcsd.ca  Extension 2052
Rodd Hoffart, Supervisor of Facilities rodd.hoffart@htcsd.ca  306-536-8773
Matt Heisler, Facilities Manager matt.heisler@htcsd.ca  306-691-2404
John Morrell, Caretaker john.morrell@htcsd.ca  Extension 2046