Division Office Staff List

Executive Council

Ward Strueby, Director of Education [email protected] 306-691-2400

Dave DePape, Superintendent of HR and Operations [email protected] 306-691-2402

Sarah Phipps, Superintendent of Learning [email protected] 306-691-2401

Mark Selinger, Supervisor of Learning and Technology [email protected] Ext. 2040

Curt Van Parys, Chief Financial Officer [email protected] 306-691-2407


Jackie d’Entremont, Executive Assistant to Ward Strueby and Sarah Phipps [email protected] Ext. 2023

Shirley Dombowsky, Division Office Administrative Assistant [email protected] Ext. 2030



Matt Heisler, Supervisor of Facilities [email protected] Ext. 2404

Mike Delorme, Facility and Transportation Assistant [email protected] 306-631-8876



Mike Douglas, Finance Manager [email protected] Ext. 2047

Marie Fitzgerald, Division Office Accountant [email protected] Ext. 2022


Human Resources

Brad Moser, Coordinator of Human Resources and Learning [email protected]  Ext. 2053


Learning Department

Laura Adrian, Learning Facilitator [email protected]  Ext. 2041

Amy Davis, Learning Facilitator [email protected] Ext. 2020

Stacey Moser, Learning Facilitator [email protected] Ext. 2049


Religious Education

Lisa Busta, Chaplain [email protected] Ext. 2036


Student Supports

Suzie Berg, Coordinator of Student Services (Swift Current) [email protected] 

Lois Saunders, Coordinator of Student Services (Moose Jaw) [email protected] Ext. 2027

Vivian Gauvin, Coordinator of Student Services (Moose Jaw) [email protected] Ext. 2051

Jenna Singbeil, Speech-Language Pathologist (Swift Current) [email protected] 

Lana Smith, Speech-Language Pathologist [email protected] Ext. 2031

Angie Beattie, Wellness Coach [email protected] 

Bev Paysen, Wellness Coach [email protected] 

Marla Weppler, Wellness Coach (Swift Current) [email protected] Ext. 2324



Ryan MacLachlan, IT Manager [email protected] Ext. 2043

Trenton Dyck, Network Administrator [email protected] Ext 2026

Gerry Turcotte, Educational Technology Facilitator [email protected] Ext. 2034



Salina Marceau, Transportation Manager [email protected] Ext. 2052