Congratulations 2023 Graduates!

Congratulations to the incredible Class of 2023 from Vanier Collegiate and Phoenix Academy! As you graduate from our Catholic school division, know that your journey has been guided by faith, love, and knowledge.
You have shown resilience, determination, and a commitment to your education. Through the challenges you've faced, you have grown into remarkable individuals, ready to make a positive impact on the world.
Remember the values instilled in you during your time here – compassion, integrity, and service. Let them guide your path as you embark on new adventures, knowing that you carry the light of faith wherever you go.
Cherish the friendships you've made, the memories you've created, and the lessons you've learned. Embrace the diversity of thought and foster understanding as you connect with people from all walks of life.
Your potential is limitless, and we have faith that you will use your talents to build a more compassionate, just, and inclusive society. Keep striving for excellence, never losing sight of your dreams.
May God bless you abundantly on this graduation day and throughout your future endeavors. We are immensely proud of your achievements and excited to witness the incredible impact you will make in the world. Congratulations, graduates!