Students » May 1-5, 2023

May 1-5, 2023

St. Mary School
Student Name and Grade or Family Names and Grades
Aya-On Family
Why did I/We chose Catholic Education? Younger students what is your favourite thing about your school?
We choose Catholic Education because we grew up as a Catholic Family. Starting from Great Grandparents, who shared with us the good values of being a Catholic. We believe that Catholic School Education is the extension of what we taught at home. We believe that daily lessons in the Catholic Faith create a strong foundation for our children.
What does Catholic education mean to me/our family? For Younger students please put why they are receiving the certificate.
Catholic Education means so much to our family because aside from being a Catholic since birth, we learn to recognize the "Footprints of God" in our daily experiences, especially in the midst of our challenges. Through Catholic Education we are exposed to the richness of the religious traditions. Catholic Education helped us shape our personality and allowed us various opportunities to grow in our faith.